When we book your flight,
we will ask you for the following information :
With either of our flight choices,
you'll enjoy floating through Teton Valley in a hot air balloon, where you'll view Rocky Mountain panoramas like these :
Flights meet approximately one half hour before sunrise, from May through September.

• The specific day you would like to fly. We recommend scheduling early during your time in the area. That way, in case we can't fly because of weather, we can possibly reschedule for another day. One of the nice things about flying early in the morning is that by the time we are done, you still have plenty of time to go on a raft trip, take a hike or pursue other activities.

• Number of people in your party and the names and approximate weights of each. We ask for approximate weights so we can distribute passengers among the balloons according to F.A.A. and manufacturer weight specifications.

• Credit card information. Number, expiration date and CVV code. Your card will NOT be charged until AFTER the flight, unless you are in violation of our cancellation policy.

Only you and your party will be onboard this exclusive excursion over Teton Valley!
This flight is weight limited and can normally accommodate a party of two to eight guests.

We fly in front of the Tetons, affording you unrivaled views of this majestic range. You'll peek over the mountains into beautiful Swan Valley and, when wind conditions permit, may be afforded a tip-top view of The Grand!

You'll view three states (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) , beautiful ranches, farmlands and meandering waterways, while drifting in a northeasterly direction towards The Grand.

You'll then descend over the patchwork of grain and alfalfa fields for treetop level views and frequent wildlife sightings.
Upon landing, your flight will be celebrated in traditional French manner.

Flight conditions vary from day to day, so each flight is unique!
The balloons typically travel between 4 and 8 miles through Teton Valley.
Although flights have averaged more than hour in the air, actual fight time fluctuates between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

Expect about an hour of flight time

Our most popular flight! Similar to our private flight
with the exception that guests are not limited to those in your party.
Up to six or eight new friends may share this amazing adventure with you!


per person
Cancellation Policy : 
Please provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation so that we may provide this opportunity to another. Late cancellations or a "No Show" at your scheduled meeting time will result in a full-fare charge to your credit card / room.
(We can't reuse the space) .

per person
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