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These pages are non flight specific images.
We can't possibly display absolutely all of the images in our collection, so we have chosen what we consider to be the best, to be displayed here on our website. We have divided them into six different galleries organized by subject.
Our "Customer" gallery is comprised of pictures that others have given us (we would be happy to display yours if you like) . Sometimes, the image isn't necessarily from a customer, but just someone on the ground that saw the balloon and decided to take some pictures . Our "Main" gallery contains images that we have taken, and were chosen to "whet your appetite" so to speak.
Our "Nature" gallery holds photos that we have taken of the various scenery of this gorgeous area. Not related to flying, but hopefully they will make you want to explore local areas that we can't show you from the balloon.
We have a "Wildlife" gallery, which is exactly what you would expect. Images of all the different wildlife we've sighted in this area.
 The "Super Bowl" gallery is full of images from our experience with the two Super Bowl balloons created for Super Bowl XLII which was held February 3rd, 2008 in Glendale Arizona. 
The "Video" gallery is where any video that we have resides.

Please use the links below to navigate the galleries and we hope you enjoy . . .

The following galleries have photos taken during our time spent in Turkey (12/25/08 - 3/31/09). There are pictures that are in these galleries that are also located within the pages telling the saga of my time spent there. Please read the story for an explanation of the photo. Click on the links below for the photo galleries or the "Turkey" link in the main menu at left for "the whole story".....

These first galleries are all of places in Kapadokya, visited while I was there flying balloons.

These seven galleries are all of places in western Turkey, places we visited after I was done flying in Kapadokya.