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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 12
Balloons In The Morning, Of Course
The past couple of days has been slow business wise. The weather good enough to fly, but no passengers scheduled. Since I had some sunset and moon rise pictures, I made a point of getting outside right after I awoke, to get some sunrise shots. Lately, when I'm up this early, either I'm flying or the weather isn't good enough for me to want to go out and take pictures. The past couple of days have been much better. So I'm out and about around 6 am, looking for some good pics. The sun isn't shining on the castle quite as dramatically as in the evening, but one thing about the morning that the evening can't match . . . balloons! There were 3 of them flying on this morning.
A balloon behind the SE part of Uçhisar
Two balloons above Göreme, SE Uçhisar in foreground
A balloon over the valleys east of Göreme
A balloon over Göreme, Uçhisar in the foreground
Once I spotted the balloons, I walked toward the east side of the castle (for better shots of the balloons and also hoping to get the low rising sun painting the castle) . As I made my way, I took more pictures.
A balloon over Göreme, framed by an Uçhisar building
A balloon hovering above an Uçhisar doorway
A balloon high above Göreme
The balloons began to ascend and as they did, they started to come west towards Uçhisar. By this time, I had arrived at the spot to watch from.
A balloon seemingly lands on the ridge in the background
After getting the best shots I could of the balloons, I made my way back around to the west side of the castle to try and catch some shadows at work. 
Along the path to the castle
Once at the castle, I spotted the pigeons sunning on its south side
Pigeons on the castle. You can spot them every morning.
One of the old dwellings in the valley west of the castle
The shadow of the castle. Notice the spot of sun in the shadow.
You can see right through this rock!
On the way, I walked past ancient ruin side by side with modern housing and once at the castle noticed the pigeons sunning on its south face. This village is only around 3,000 people and is very tranquil early in the morning. The sun was rising fast and dramatic shadows disappeared fast.
Sunrise begins to douse the valley west of Uçhisar Castle
Another shot of sunrise in the valley west of the castle
The sun lights just the tip of the rock in the foreground
Convinced the best shots were gone for the day, I made my way back towards the house. It was Tuesday, which meant that the local market was being held in the square just a couple blocks from the house. I stopped and bought some fruit. Once the locals started noticing me taking photographs, they all started to come up and ask me to take their picture.
A vendor at the weekly Uchisar market
Two locals, very proud that I was taking their picture and not someone elses
One of the many fruit and vegetable vendors
It actually got to be a bit bothersome and I didn't want to be the center ring of a circus, so I left the market. Since the house is so close to Pigeon Valley, as I approached it, I couldn't help but notice the ever present Mt. Erciyes. It was so clear and the mountain so prominent, I couldn't help but snap a couple of shots.
A snow covered Mt. Erciyes towers over Pigeon Valley
Zoomd in on 12,982 ft Mt. Erciyes
Another zoomed image of Mt. Erciyes
I hope I don't bore you with similar pictures of the same old things. This place is just so astounding that on a beautiful day, you can't help yourself. The longer I am here, the more places I will go and see and have pictures of to share.
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