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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 15
Another Walk
So another couple of days without flying or doing much and I'm looking to get out some. Since I didn't really finish the Pigeon Valley hike, I thought I would try. I walked down out of Uçhisar the way I came up the other day and headed down towards Göreme. The first thing I noticed were the different views of Uçhisar.
Uçhisar viewed from the NE, in Pigeon Valley
For the first little ways, the trail was unremarkable except for the brush and the wet footing. I soon got to a part of the valley that narrowed and had less vegetation. The water that flows through here had started to cut deep trenches and the further I walked the deeper these got. Luckily no water was flowing, as I had to cross a couple that were difficult enough just from the steep and muddy banks.
From this point the valley got rockier and the sides got steeper
The rock wall in the foreground seemed to mark the beginning of some dramatic scenery
Uçhisar, between the rocky sides of the valley
After going through the break in the rock wall in the photo above center, the scenery suddenly became much more dramatic. I walked around the next bend in the canyon and this view hit me. The first thing that came to me was it reminded me of the Grand Canyon. Much smaller scale of course, but an incredible sight!
A stunning view of the east canyon wall
(a baby Grand Canyon)
You can see that the trail winds around the bend in the valley in the photo above. Before that, off to the left, I noticed something halfway up the wall of the canyon. Not the big opening, but what's that right below it at an angle?
In the center of the picture, you can see the ladder that intrigued me so
Why.... it's a ladder leading up to the opening! Cool! Obviously there's a way (or was a way) up there, let's see if I can find it! I start to make my way up the side canyon, following a fairly distinct (for here) trail. I walk under an archway, up the hill on the other side and come to a tee. To the left is a path going up hill and probably the way to the stairway. To the right is a doorway in the rock. I've just GOT to find out what is inside the rock beyond the doorway. It probably doesn't go very far anyway, so I decide to check it out first.
On the way, I saw this door....
and had to go in
Just inside the door
Looking back at the doorway, from the spot in the previous photo
This actually leads somewhere! Cool... I keep going.... As I pass the small opening on the right where I snapped the two photos above on the right I can see more light ahead that looks like an exit. As I look out the small doorway into the light, I notice that the path continues along the side of the canyon.... and leads to another doorway!
I can see a light, this tunnel exits soon
Looking out the exit, towards another door
Looking back at the exit of the first tunnel
I follow the path and peer into the second doorway. I can see light! This passageway is not as long as the first one. I follow it and look out the opening at the end. I'm not going any further unless I want to slide about 50 feet on my butt to the bottom (nice view of the valley however) . I decide to go back to the intersection where I decided to investigate the first doorway and take the other route further up the hill. Even if I can't get to the stairway, the side trip through the doorway was worth the walk up the hill.
The second door
From inside the second passage, looking back at its entrance
Looking out the exit of the second passage
As I got higher up the side of the valley, the trail became less and less distinct, but it was pretty easy to find a way. As I neared the ladder, my anticipation grew. This had to be something cool to have a steel ladder constructed to enable access! I bet it goes into the cliff side pretty far. I can't wait to see what's in store.
I'm getting there, I'm at the right height now
Not too much further
I'm here!
I reach the ladder! I immediately start to climb. . . then it hits me (now that I'm 10 or 15 feet off the ground) . This thing is very rusty and who knows how long it's been here.... I hope its secure and doesn't come tumbling down as I climb! (Those that know me and know how I feel about ladders, can imagine how white my knuckles were at this point) As I approach the top I take a good look at where it's bolted into the rock.... it looks good to me, so I continue my climb.

As I get to the top, I look in,
figuring I would need to scramble up into the opening to see where I would be going next . . . 
(insert the theme to "Jaws" here) . . .

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