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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 16
More Flying
It's been a week. The last time I've flown was the 14th of January. It's the 20th and I finally get to fly again. Only the one small balloon as we only have 9 passengers, including 3 freebies. I take my camera as I leave the house, but I'm so into flying that I leave it on the ground in the chase vehicle. We didn't have that awesome of a flight anyway and I really need to get a little more comfortable with the area and the big balloon.
Below is the Google Earth image of the flight path.
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Google Earth image of the flight path on 1/20/2009
I didn't get any pictures from the air, but I did get a couple of our landing spot. It was a little different in that we usually land on a plateau after flying through the valleys. On this day, since I was only in the next valley over from the launch site, I landed on the edge of the valley that the launch site is in, which meant Ianding between rock formations. 
Straight ahead from where I landed
Looking to the left of where I landed
In the photo above at right, notice the openings in the rock. After we landed, Sancho and I walked over to take a closer look. In the upper niche, was the best fresco I've seen yet. All of the ones in Pigeon Valley have been merely geometric designs, this one was actually detailed. It looked like maybe people. I think this was a church at one time.
Sancho next to one of the rocks I landed next to
Closer look at the upper niche
A close up of the fresco
It's been a few days since I've last updated this tale of adventure and I've actually flown twice. I actually got to fly today also, which is the first time I've flown on consecutive days since I've been here (over 3 weeks) . This time, we flew 2 balloons and I did take my camera with me. Sancho had about 18 people in his balloon and I had 9.
Below is the Google Earth image of the flight.
Click here to load the file into Google Earth so you can pan, zoom and rotate.
Google Earth image of flight path on 1/21/2009
We weren't getting anywhere near any of the interesting stuff (just going straight down the valley) so we climbed higher to go west over towards Love Valley.
Sancho and his passengers
We flew as high above the ground as I ever have here.... about 3000 feet AGL. Quite the view. Once again, I didn't have much weight in the basket so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to drop fast enough to get into the valley (they're fairly narrow) but it all worked out quite well.
Sancho has descended and is about to enter the valley. Uçhisar at top of photo
We're both in the valley now, Uçhisar in the background
A better view of Love Valley. Sancho at far left
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