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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 28
Sancho Is Back
Sancho did get back late on the 2nd. But it was so late I didn't see him till the next morning. It was snowing and about 1/4 mile visibility so no flying on this day. Sancho and I went down to the office for breakfast. I actually couldn't wait to talk to him, although I knew he was going to be bummed about me leaving. We talked quite a bit before he left about how I felt and he was concerned I was going to leave before he left on his vacation, which would have meant he wouldn't get to go. He had also tried to get the company to pay him half of his February salary before he went on vacation. (He had been paid in full for January a long time ago) . He had also mentioned the possibility of not coming back from vacation until he got the money. He didn't get the money but came back anyway, much to my delight. Alper had told Sancho that they couldn't give him the money because I hadn't flown since he left. Once again, I was (the only word that describes how I felt) incredulous at that statement. Why would they lie to Sancho like that?! Do they think we don't talk to each other?! "Incredible," I tell him, "I've flown a total of 85 passengers not including the 18 I flew yesterday." After hearing that they lied to Sancho, I was even more assured that I made the right decision in leaving early. I was glad to have Sancho back. Not only is he someone I can talk to about what's going on here, but he understands from the pilot perspective. He is also a fun and funny guy to have around. Of course, with Sancho being back, I will probably not fly much. That's somewhat of a quandary, as I feel like until I get paid I shouldn't fly, but if I don't fly, the company doesn't make money and I will never get paid.

The next day we have two balloons scheduled, so both Sancho and I head down to the launch site early. We've been there about half an hour (with Banu never saying one word to me) when Sancho tells me that Banu just told him the second balloon got cancelled about 10 minutes ago. Hmmm.... she can't tell me herself? She is still upset that I'm going home. Knowing Alper and Banu, I have to wonder if there ever was a second balloon scheduled and this isn't some attempt at one of their manipulative games. Oh well, no big deal. What else am I going to do? So I hop in the balloon with Sancho and enjoy a beautiful flight over the mountain and into Zelve Valley. I really do enjoy the flying here. You can see more pictures in the Zelve section of the Turkey Gallery area of the website, but here are a couple of teasers.
Looking across one of 6 valleys
Just inside the entry gate
Just one of many huge rooms
Zelve was actually inhabited until 1952 when the last residents moved out. The pictures above as well as the ones in the Zelve gallery were taken after Joanne arrived when her, I and Sancho spent a day going to Çavuşin, Paşabağ, Zelve and Ürgüp.
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