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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 29
Their Response
I spent the next couple of days not really doing much. We weren't flying, so on the 6th, I rode the bus into Nevşehir (the nearest town of any size) and changed some of the US Dollars I had left into Lira, and to get some fresh produce and of course some more of what had become one of my favorite staples here : Leblebi. Leblebi is turkish for roasted chickpeas. I was first introduced to it (although I didn't know what it was at the time) my first night in Kapadokya while at Ghengis' Ahbab Hotel. Turns out all the bars serve this as a snack with your drink. Once I found I could get my own, I was hooked. I always had some leblebi in my room. I even ended up bringing a bunch home with me.

Later that afternoon/evening, Banu called (on the cell phone that she had finally decided the bill wasn't mine after all) and said that if I came down to the office right now, she would pay me half of what they owe me for February. Wow, what a surprise! Are you kidding me? A chance to get some money? I was there quicker than two shakes of a lambs tail! Ha! I was even more surprised when I got there! Turns out there was another, much more important reason she wanted me to come down to the office. Once I got there, Banu produced an official document on company letterhead, detailing the cancellation of my contract. She of course wanted me to sign it. Well, I certainly was going to read the entire thing, especially any fine print first! It stated the reason for the contract being cancelled was the validation issue with my license, which I didn't have a problem with. This way, neither I nor they came out looking like the bad guy. I was quite happy with that. As I perused the document, I noticed that one of the eight or so paragraphs/clauses seemed a bit odd, and didn't want to immediately agree to it. They were officially cancelling the contract as of the 25th of March (which I was semi okay with. Seemed rather odd to make it a week earlier than I had agreed to in my resignation.) but then it stated that they wanted me out of the pilot house on the 25th. Okay, so if I'm not a company employee, I can understand that I can't live in company housing. No problem with that. (all the while my mind is trying to figure out what I'm going to do for that week. My ticket home was for the 1st of April) The last little part of that clause is what really got to me. After stating that they wanted me out of the house, it said that I had to leave Kapadokya within 12 hours. Without that "leave town before sunset" comment I probably would have just signed the thing and been done with it, but I was not going to agree to leaving Kapadokya on the 25th when my plane ticket wasn't until the 1st of April! So I mentioned that to Banu. I said I couldn't sign it because of my plane ticket situation. She said I should try to change my ticket. So I went home without signing it, and later that night (waiting for the time zone difference) called Jo and advised her of the days events. I was done being upset at the stuff that happens here. I was once again struck by the audacity of them trying to run me out of town. Anyway, after some conversation with Jo, we decided I would go ahead and agree and sign their little document. The realization that the net effect was to give us a week free to travel around the country and see some things that I would not have had the chance to see if things hadn't of turned out this way, was actually quite exciting! The longer I thought about it, the more excited I got about my last week in Turkey! Joanne and I immediately started planning how we would spend that last week, trying to figure out what we wanted to see and prioritizing the list. Needless to say, I signed the agreement the very next day. Sancho was less than thrilled that I would be leaving a week earlier than planned. I understood his situation, but I had to do what was best for me.
Joanne will actually be here soon (she arrives on the 11th, local time) so we spend most of our conversations the next couple of days planning that last week. I am getting more and more excited not only about Joanne getting here, but also about that last week. Things always work out and this is another example.
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