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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 34
A Fond Farewell
So the day finally arrives, March 25, 2009. For the last couple of weeks, especially since Joanne arrived, Sancho had been spending as much time around us as possible. He wasn't looking forward to living here alone and being the only pilot. In some ways it was going to be to his advantage, but mostly he was going to be a bit lonely. I had really gotten to like Sancho. He was just a big kid.
Today was difficult. Overall, I had enjoyed my stay in Kapadokya, and I knew that I was probably never going to be back here. I was also excited about this last week ahead. For some strange reason, Mother Nature was being kind as well. Considering that two days before it was rather nasty and snowing, in fact it snowed enough that Sancho made this little snowman out on our terrace. Of course he named the snowman Efenden.
Sancho made this little snowman out on our terrace
A closer shot of the snowman
Our last day in Kapadokya was beautiful weather wise. We were to catch our ride to the Kayseri airport at 1 pm, so we spent the morning with Sancho, out on the deck, soaking up the sun. It was much harder to say goodbye than I anticipated.
Joanne is laughing, I'm sure Sancho said something
I really like Joanne's smile in this pic
I did my best to permanently imprint on my brain, as much of Kapadokya as I could. But just in case, I also took some pictures. My last views of a tremendous landscape, one which photos just can't capture faithfully.
My last look at Red Valley
My last look at Mt Erciyes
I did try though. I took several photos while slowly turning, to try and get a panorama of our view from the terrace. Here is the result of those photos stitched together in a panorama.
Outside of the end of the wood beams, they stitched together pretty well
While we were out there and just before we left, we heard these voices. We looked up and behind us, and on the roof of the house next to us, were these tourists taking pictures. I had to have a shot of them.
Tourists on the roof of the house next door
It was time. We said our goodbyes, grabbed our bags and headed up the street to the bus stop. Sancho came along and waited with us. Good thing, 'cause like I said, we had a bunch of luggage, so he helped us out. We pile it all in the van, climb inside and say goodbye to Sancho. It would normally be about an hour drive to the Kayseri airport, but this shuttle stopped in Avanos to pick up some others. By the time we got there, the realization had started and the adrenaline and excitement had begun to build.
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