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These pages document my time spent flying balloons in Kapadokya . . .
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Chapter 6
The next couple of days . . .
The next few days the weather was bad and we didn't fly. I used most of that time to finish up this web site. Took way more time than I thought it would, but hey. . . you're here reading this right? One of the days, Sancho and Elena took me with them to see one of their friends here in Uçhisar. She is originally from Mexico, but has been in Turkey for about 4 years and here in Kapadocya for a year. Because she is Mexican, she speaks English fluently. She works just down the street (maybe a mile) from the house at an onyx shop. A very large one. They get bus loads of tourists stopping there, so it can get very busy. This time of year is the slow time, so she was able to sit and chat with us for quite some time. We were sitting in the break room and I couldn't help but notice some of the men at one of the table playing a game of some sort. At first I thought it might be Mah Jong, because they were using tiles... but after I looked a little closer (trying not to stare) it was more a cross between cards and dominoes.... I was very curious . . . One of the reasons I came over here was to learn the local traditions and way of life . . . Also while we were there, a news cast came on about Israel's invasion of Gaza . . . huge event here and everyone stopped what they were doing and turned the TV volume up.
One of the other days, we (Sancho, Elena and I) went into Goreme to visit another person Sancho had met while here. A lady from New Zealand that owns a carpet shop. While we were there, nearly everyone that came in were friends of hers and spoke English. How relaxing not to have to strain to understand the conversation. And her shop is beautiful . . . we spent most of the afternoon there chit chatting . . . and I learned a lot. Most important, was about how to keep the "soba" (our sole source of heat at the house) burning. The house, the soba and everything that goes along with that is a story unto itself. So I'll fill you in on what the living (the day to day stuff) has been like since I've been here in the next chapter.
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